Design 5 logos & a Client Presentation, all in 1 Hour

A SkillShare course for Logo Designers using my easy step by step framework

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Design logos faster using a framework

In the course you’ll learn the framework that can triple the speed that you create your brand projects. By understanding and utilising the framework you can rapidly increase your logo designing.

Understand the Logo Design Process

You’ll learn the step by step process of logo design from reading and disecting the client brief to sending the finished logo presentation.

Create unique logos for clients

This course is not just about making fast logos, but making incredibly unique logos. We’ll look at examples from different industries and how to go about creating completely custom logos.

Why take this course?

Real logo client brief

This course uses a real client brief. We look at example briefs to learn the methods and discuss how the framework will assist you in creating fully custom branding presentations in just 1 hour.

To prove this framework actually works. I record a full branding presentation from start to finish.

logo design course online how to logo design
logo design course online how to logo design

Logo Design Course Online

This logo design course is hosted on SkillShare and will help you become a better logo designer. Will short classes that focus on different aspects of the logo design process you’ll definitely becoming a better graphic designer! 🤜🤛

How to design a logo from scratch

In my graphic design services I create 5 custom logos in a presentation (all with mockups). This SkillShare logo design class shows how you can go from reading the client brief to having a finished logo design presentation in only 1 hour (all from scratch!) 🌻

logo design course online how to logo design
👇 Let’s get started 👇
Course Curriculum

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1 - Intro

Introduction to the class

2 - Symbol & Text
3 - Fonts in Logos
4 - Combining ideas
5 - The Client's Email
6 - Icons in Logos
7 - Logos I've Designed
8 - Finding a Font
9 - Logo Layout
10 - Logo Presentation
11- Logo Mockups
12 - Email the Client
13 - Real Client Presentation
14 - Real Example 👀 Preview Module

Want to see the end result? Here’s a 1 hour recording of me actually using the framework and making a full logo presentation in only 1 hour;


What’s Inside?

30 minute course

Break down of each step

15 short (no fluff) lessons

Real client brief


Do I need a SkillShare membership?

Yes, this course is hosted on SkillShare. You get full access to all SkillShare courses if you sign up (it’s well worth it) but yes, this course is only for SkillShare members.

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What program do I need?

I use Adobe Illustrator and this is used in the course recordings, however the ideas and principles for logo design can be applied for any design program like Canva.